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Attention, Germany virtual private server users! Are you tired of the poor service you get from your current host? If so, it’s time to make the switch to Hyper. We’ve located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and we are proud to offer you quality Germany VPS Server with affordable pricing, expert technical support, and world-class hardware. Our virtual private servers are fully customizable, allowing you to choose the operating system of your choice (Linux or Windows), your preferred number of CPU cores and memory plus hard drive space and bandwidth limits.

What are Germany VPS Server?

As we all know, a physical server can only be in one place at any given time. If you need to have access to it, you’ll need to go there and work on it in person. Germany VPS hosting is virtualization-based, so you get a virtual machine that runs its own operating system, giving you complete and total remote access as if you were working on a physical machine. This gives your company more flexibility than standard cloud servers or dedicated servers, though not quite as much freedom as true hardware dedicated servers. But they allow for enough configuration that they remain highly useful even in today’s 24/7 high-demand environments.

Why do I need a VPS Server?

If you’re a serious hobbyist or professional webmaster, hosting on a VPS is likely to be more suitable for your needs than shared web hosting. With a VPS server, you get an entire virtual machine dedicated to hosting your website. In other words, if you’re making heavy use of online applications such as WordPress or Joomla! running them through a shared web host will result in lower performance and slower page loading times. A VPS will allow you to run these applications at peak efficiency without affecting other websites hosted on your host’s server. This way, you can get all of the power and benefits of dedicated hosting without having to invest in a full server by yourself.

High Bandwidth

When it comes to selecting a hosting provider, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that there are different packages with different bandwidth restrictions. Many websites and blogs require an excessive amount of bandwidth per month, making low-end packages not only inadequate but also unreliable. When choosing a package from us, you can rest assured knowing your website has unlimited monthly traffic and there’s nothing holding you back from reaching your site’s full potential. We use premium fiber-optic networks to ensure that your site has excellent uptime. You won’t have to worry about losing business because of downtime caused by slow or congested networks!


We provide Germany VPS Hosting. VPS Servers (Virtual Private Server) are virtual machines, powered by our proprietary cloud computing platform, which was designed with speed, security, and scalability in mind. We have an entire data center filled with server hardware running these VPSs and we are able to offer even better performance than what is usually offered by physical dedicated servers at a significantly lower price. These Linux-based virtual machines come preinstalled with Apache 2.2 or Nginx 1.0, MySQL 5.1, and many other software tools that you would typically need for web applications or services, making it much easier to set up anything from your own forum to a proxy server quickly and easily!


SSD Storage, 2 CPU Core, 4GB RAM, 50GB Bandwidth, and so on. With these, you are able to host your website on one of our Linux Virtual Private Servers. These are managed VPS with KVM virtualization. And they offer a perfect combination of performance and flexibility that is difficult to match elsewhere. All prices include 19% German VAT! (Your price will be higher if you don’t live in Germany.) You can order any package without further registration. Simply enter your desired plan into the order form and we’ll handle all billing details directly through PayPal. If you want to order more than one package at once, simply register an account first (no charge). We accept payment via PayPal or Credit Card / Debit Card.


The data centers are equipped with multi-layer security measures, which have been audited by renowned third-party firms like Ernst & Young and PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA). Servers will be located in a German data center, which is subject to several government regulations regarding the safety and security of stored data. They are regularly monitored for data breaches by various independent organizations like KPMG and TÜV Saarland. Server hardware has been independently tested for stability from a third-party company like systems; although we do not use their hardware in our servers, we can attest to its quality and stability. The servers are protected with redundant power supplies.


We feel that we have made some pretty compelling points in favour of Germany VPS hosting. It offers a high level of redundancy and performance at an affordable price. It also has a great deal of room for expansion as well. We also feel that it is easier to deal with Germany VPS hosting providers because they tend to be more helpful than most other providers. Their hardware is extremely reliable and their service is fantastic. If you are looking for reliability, affordability, and performance, we highly recommend taking a look at Germany VPS server hosting solutions today!

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